Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Recyling My Thoughts

Its been a while that I have taken to expressing. Loads has happened since I last typed thoughts. Personalities have died, Oscars were won, battles fought, treaties signed, economies grown or shrunk, babies were born, some more animals were probably the last of their species, wardrobes were either expanded or shrunk, the planet was raped some more, the land fills are got fuller and our mind continued to collect clutter.

Yah all the above you want to shrug off. However, can we shrug it off? Can we not assume responsibility for all our decisions that are making the planet one huge landfill? I keep asking myself these questions. As an artist who recently got converted to 9 to 5 slogger, I am often confused about the personal decisions that most of us make.

1.       December saw me without my housekeeper for a few days. Instead of choosing the plastic plate route, I continued to use ordinary dishes and choose washing over disposables, as I saw it a great way to make everyone at home contribute to house work. Needless to say, the kids did not enjoy it but it was school hols and they learnt some skills in domestic handling.

2.       I bring yoghurt to work for breakfast with a fruit on days I can manage to do so. I was getting the market brand although at home we do make fresh yoghurt. Made the change to bringing fresh homemade yoghurt in a box with fruits chopped in it. My helper was adding the plastic spoon; got her to quit that habit and I bring a steel spoon which I wash and bring back home.

3.       I have often wondered this entire process of art making and artists screaming the most, for the environment is quite hypocritical. My current time schedule and mind frame allows me for just some drawings. With less I say more. I feel less and less the need for paints and glues and other toxic material that add more rubbish to the environment. I mean let’s face it, how many are buying art. So why bother. If its just an expression a drawing suffices and a water colour sometimes to express some notion of fluid colours.

4.       My birthday is around the corner. I have too many clothes and I do not even wear most of them. So, another growing up factor. No need to shop for the heck of shopping.

5.       Meanwhile at the workplace, slowly trying to poison minds into the more environmentally friendly way. It’s a long road ahead especially for local companies, to break away from their age-old norms of business first and looking into immediate profit, over planet gain. The road ahead is long and arduous. Meanwhile I am equipped with my mind and wagging tongue. The pencil though weaker than the pen is easily erased, but the paper can be re-used. Ha ha Gotchya!! Enjoy this artwork below on the current mind space, while I continue to contemplate. 

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