Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maya- An Illusion

Maya - An Illusion
is all ready. The paintings are at least. There is work here and there that needs to be done. That probably will go on, till the evening of the opening. I have to try to chill amongst all this. Tomorrow's Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya follow up and Meditation should help in this process.

Wish some other personal matters would just resolve without me having to worry too much about them. This is life...we have to have our share of worries. So acceptance is the only way to move forward.

On a lighter note, I had an interview with 938 live and it was so much fun talking to Pamela Ho and Stanley about Maya - An Illusion. I am uploading the interview on the blog as well. If you friends see any listings of the exhibition anywhere please keep that copy for me. I am quite blur these things generally go unnoticed by me.

I hope I see all you friends at Maya. She is waiting to see your response to her Illusion. xxxxx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost there

My Maya is almost complete!!!! Just one more and that’s it. It’s been a fun journey of exploring these characters and my twist to them. I have had my share of upheavals. However that is what makes it more fruitful. Whoever said I was not supposed to have my fair share of troubles. All these upheavals makes me who I am and makes Maya – An Illusion who she is. I have cried, laughed and learnt in this entire process….most importantly I have evolved. Maya – An Illusion to be unveiled on the 3rd of August at the Arts House is what makes me proud at this point of time.
On a personal note I have mixed feelings. I am happy for a close friend who has found some relief to her hardships…..(then again she is a powerful woman and this too has defined her); Another friend who after some challenges in terms of illness at home, and renovating home has settled in to her nest. She also happens to be a great patron for my art.  On a personal note, I am looking forward to a marriage in the family and of course the Durga Poojas. However, like every exhibition I tend to go back to the one figure from who my art stems, My dad! I miss him and keep wishing he was here to see me blossom as an artist. After all it is his legacy that I wish to carry forward. To Maya and Dad….here is looking forward to many more to come.