Friday, May 28, 2010

Maya: An Illusion

Maya: An Illusion is what I am working on. More about what Maya will be in subsequent weeks. For now I just wanted to pen my state of mind.
I have finished about five canvases and would need a decent ten more to fill up the space. So exalted I am that all I can think of is my current canvas and the ones to follow suit. It’s fun because I feel removed from the cares of the word. Nails are badly cracked and in need of a manicure…but who cares now. I have this immense urge to keep at canvas after canvas. Even when brushes are resting and my hand is away from the canvas my mind is still at work. Amazing is this feeling. I was running a temperature this morning and I did not even realize that I was unwell….who cares….I am so happy….:D