Monday, September 6, 2010

Maya- No more my Illusion

Yup...Maya has been well received. Thank you to a whole group of people who believe in me and my art. The entire experience has been exhilarating and very satisfying. To all my patrons "A Big Thank You!"
The journey now begins for whats next to come. As an artist I cannot rest and have to keep looking forward.
However there have been some achievements in this exhibition.
For one for the first time I handled male figures, not to mention 6 packs on my Arjuna. Secondly it was taking such a somber topic and making it eye catching and soul pleasing was one of the biggest challenges which I seemed to have overcome. The works seem to have gotten over people's apprehensions of owning something with such gravity. On the last note just an observation, we should dream our dream and the entire universe will come together to make it work....something I have felt the books, "The Secret" and the "Meta Secret" constantly emphasize.
I loved Creating "Maya - An Illusion" but now the quest for the next one begins. Here's to many more to come.