Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looking Onward

It’s been a busy year. I will have locked in eight exhibitions by the end of this year. Since I embarked on my art career this has been one of the busiest so far. Earlier as my kids were young I spaced out the creative process. As they grow up and their dependence on their Mother for all their needs decreases, their Mom finds more time at hand which she devotes happily to her other child, “Her Artwork”.
All of these have been group shows and some with celebrated artists from India. This year also saw my exhibitions going to new shores like India and Taiwan. It’s been a busy year of creating and envisioning.
Another first for this year is being displayed at the AAF. The last exhibition of the year will be for the charity cause of “Make a Wish Foundation” through the Dahlia Gallery. For the same I have put in my painting, Gaia In Fragments, a nine frame mixed media of individual canvas mounted together on a ply wrapped in jute.

I also took up the new passion of photography this year. Currently I am looking to blend that with my art. In fact the beginning on next year Jan 2012, Aviskar 2012 sees me exhibit the first of my work in this genre. I am anxious as I am waiting to see the market’s reaction to this new development in my creative process.
On that note I add a favorite photograph of mine taken in my hometown of Singapore. Stay tuned for more news on the mentioned exhibitions.