Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Goddess and The Godless

Between trials and tribulations, chores and chaos, “The Goddess and the Godless”, I find myself entwined. I have a deadline to keep and as always it seems like all the forces of nature are conspiring against me.
I had taken up “Vishwaroop” with a very subjective understanding of the topic. It’s my personal realisation that has mainly been dealt with on canvas. My spirituality and dualities that I have dealt with while balancing the demons within me. It’s a personal rendition of knowledge as I understand it and may or may not necessarily read as Lord Krishna’s knowledge imparted to Arjuna on the battle field.
Trying to find the balance is a favourite topic that I return to, “Ardhanareshwar”. Nature, life and even death all seek balance. This balance in Hindu mythology has been studied as the Ardhanareshwar. The supreme balance between the male and the female attributes, even within the divine, bring about the need for balance in every aspect of our lives. In the Chinese beliefs we can study the same concept as ying and yang. A topic very close to my heart I find myself constantly seeking the balance within me and my chaos. Yet out of dis-balance the new order is formed. Is it just a balance or is it being split between choices and polarities? It’s this inner turmoil that we seek to balance out as well. Hoping to find the balance between my passion and my reasons I return to my canvas to deal with my balanced choices and my unresolved emotions.