Thursday, June 27, 2013

Collectively Independent

Colors Palette Singapore presents “Collectively Independent” an exhibition that travels from the land of The Masters in Indian art, namely West Bengal. 35 paintings, by 15 artists amongst, which, some of my favorite Bengali artists are also presented. Just to excite you here are the names of some of the artists, Sunil Das, Suhas Roy, Robin Mondal, Chandra Bhattacharya, Aditya Basak and Subrata Gangopadhay to name a few. The works that I shall go down to see again and again are Adityada’s work, Chandra Bhattacharya’s amazing work in acrylic.....which has a lasting effect long after you have walked away from the canvas. I actually walked back a few times and ultimately the exhibitors asked me to sit and enjoy it. Sumantra Mukherjee’s, Separation, a witty and very funky painting with its splash of colors on first glance seems well placed and carefully sought. Five stars to the person who picks this painting for their personal have to be a person who looks for humor in art to bag this one. Sunil Das and Suhas Roy collectors, there is your pick too. Sanatan Saha’s works are different from the rest of the display and I like that variation. Pretty portraits for all you Debarati Roy fans and two beautiful eye pleasing canvases by Manoj Mitra. In all, great art at ION. It’s traveled and come all the way to Singapore; art lovers please don’t miss this lovely opportunity to see some good art and own it as the prices are modest considering the names. Attached are some of my picks for the show.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Austen Sketch

Found a little time to do some sketching only for a purpose. Its a little sad that while photography is my latest passion, at the rate I do it, it now ends up keeping me away from my sketch pad. When my literature group from Mumbai,V.G.Vaze College asked me to participate in the Jane Austen Conference celebrating the 200 years of the Pride and The Prejudice, a logo seemed doable the easy and remote yet possible participation for my Alumni. So here is a glimpse of what I cooked up this evening. :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

Featruing Guru Kinkar Dhang

Guru Kinkar Dhang, an Indian contemporary and modern artist is the topic of my page today. Guru, as I call him, is a very humble and passionate being. At the age of 37 he seems to have found his space not only in the art world but also in his thought process. He hails from West Bengal a state of high creativity. Guru has a B.V.A from Govt. College of Art, Kolkata, India. He has several National and International exhibitions and many more workshops under his belt too. Training however is not the essential reason I got attracted to his art. I was actually drawn to it. I shall carefully explain why. Guru, uses Stream of Consciousness as his method of creation. He became aware much later in his artistic process that he was actually, influenced by Freudian principles. Guru deploys his understanding of the conflict of human persona and society. Here is where it gets hugely interesting and intriguing. His colour handling, of the blending between ego and alter ego, his stylistic presentation of the subconscious ruling the prevalent psyche in society, his personas breaking and fighting with the super consciousness and surrendering to the higher force are all done in his unique layering. The primitive lying latent within the human mind, the beast awaiting its moment of overpowering the prey are expressed with his animal reference. Just as his theme his work is layered too. This I find hugely appealing as while he makes his art visually appealing it also compels you to “think”. He is “depressed agitated and inspired” all at the same time by this modern dilemma of a civilized world which looks back to its primitive past. I will stay tuned to Guru’s work pouring out onto his canvas just like he reveals his formula to “unleash with paint”.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Divine Innocence

Art Take

In this world of social networking, an artist too, uses it, to their convenience. Yes we have our websites, blogs and of course Facebook to help promote ourselves and our our art. Yet I feel I want take the other step. I want to feature artists in my blog. Yes there are many whose work I could go on and on for hours about. They touch your soul at another level altogether. Some I have seen develop over a period of time. We all have our favorites and some we believe in completely. These people do not need this space at all and I'm not doing this for them. On the contrary I just want to celebrate their creativity and what better way than sharing it here with you. So here's to a new start. Wish me Luck and <3

Style Quotient

Yes "Style" that so often used word, especially when it comes to visual art. Have heard gallery owners time and again make that request of replicating one's self in the name of style. So is template art to be replaced with the word "style". This is something I can't do. Just because a formula works, it sells, keep making the same thing as it in demand. So are we to make this a market of demand and supply too. A creative process needs to be free of is ultimately expression, yes the artists expression......everything is not a "bajaar"(market). Most artists who dared to be different made carved a niche. They got their followers to their art and their expression. Today the ones that are commercial success,(read good investment value)may not be the ones who will represent their time with their art. Most famous ones hardly sold in their should the artist be that involved in this process of selling?? More importantly should they let the market mongers influence their creative expression.....time to ponder my artist friends.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking the Silence

Person: Hello I'm XYZ, What's your good name? Cheeky Me: I have only one and its Joyotee. ;) P: What do you do? I'm a "dash at dash". Me: Cool, I'm an artist. P's Disclaimer: I don't know much about art. I starts the grilling..... Person: So what kind of art.... Me is thinking if you don't know how does it matter!!!! Still I explain...... Next starts the Advice: P: you should approach so and so on who is so and so and knows so and so....(me wants to shout,Dude stop!!! You lost me on the first line.....) I'm so not interested in this conversation. You don't want to know me but you want to know about me..... To know about me check out my blog, my art, Google me. To "know me" stop trying. Just you as you is fine. There is no bad name. I don't care what you do....Most importantly I am doing what I love doing....can you say the same about yourself. That answers my question. So chill, breathe and enjoy life....let me be because I may not be half as successful or famous as you but trust me I'm happy the way I am :D