Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Style Quotient

Yes "Style" that so often used word, especially when it comes to visual art. Have heard gallery owners time and again make that request of replicating one's self in the name of style. So is template art to be replaced with the word "style". This is something I can't do. Just because a formula works, it sells, keep making the same thing as it in demand. So are we to make this a market of demand and supply too. A creative process needs to be free of is ultimately expression, yes the artists expression......everything is not a "bajaar"(market). Most artists who dared to be different made carved a niche. They got their followers to their art and their expression. Today the ones that are commercial success,(read good investment value)may not be the ones who will represent their time with their art. Most famous ones hardly sold in their should the artist be that involved in this process of selling?? More importantly should they let the market mongers influence their creative expression.....time to ponder my artist friends.

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Oishee said...

i agree. artists need to do something about this. like an alternative art movement of some sort. I think many people will flock towards this idea.