Thursday, June 27, 2013

Collectively Independent

Colors Palette Singapore presents “Collectively Independent” an exhibition that travels from the land of The Masters in Indian art, namely West Bengal. 35 paintings, by 15 artists amongst, which, some of my favorite Bengali artists are also presented. Just to excite you here are the names of some of the artists, Sunil Das, Suhas Roy, Robin Mondal, Chandra Bhattacharya, Aditya Basak and Subrata Gangopadhay to name a few. The works that I shall go down to see again and again are Adityada’s work, Chandra Bhattacharya’s amazing work in acrylic.....which has a lasting effect long after you have walked away from the canvas. I actually walked back a few times and ultimately the exhibitors asked me to sit and enjoy it. Sumantra Mukherjee’s, Separation, a witty and very funky painting with its splash of colors on first glance seems well placed and carefully sought. Five stars to the person who picks this painting for their personal have to be a person who looks for humor in art to bag this one. Sunil Das and Suhas Roy collectors, there is your pick too. Sanatan Saha’s works are different from the rest of the display and I like that variation. Pretty portraits for all you Debarati Roy fans and two beautiful eye pleasing canvases by Manoj Mitra. In all, great art at ION. It’s traveled and come all the way to Singapore; art lovers please don’t miss this lovely opportunity to see some good art and own it as the prices are modest considering the names. Attached are some of my picks for the show.

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