Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking the Silence

Person: Hello I'm XYZ, What's your good name? Cheeky Me: I have only one and its Joyotee. ;) P: What do you do? I'm a "dash at dash". Me: Cool, I'm an artist. P's Disclaimer: I don't know much about art. I smile.....now starts the grilling..... Person: So what kind of art.... Me is thinking if you don't know how does it matter!!!! Still I explain...... Next starts the Advice: P: you should approach so and so on who is so and so and knows so and so....(me wants to shout,Dude stop!!! You lost me on the first line.....) I'm so not interested in this conversation. You don't want to know me but you want to know about me..... To know about me check out my blog, my art, Google me. To "know me" stop trying. Just you as you is fine. There is no bad name. I don't care what you do....Most importantly I am doing what I love doing....can you say the same about yourself. That answers my question. So chill, breathe and enjoy life....let me be because I may not be half as successful or famous as you but trust me I'm happy the way I am :D

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