Saturday, July 3, 2010


With each painting I am learning something new! I make mistakes and those mistakes end up adding to the flavor of the painting. My latest painting was on Karna. I spent days, actually weeks contemplating on how I should approach what I wanted to bring out as his state of Mind. Yesterday I finally gave up procrastinating and went to select a canvas. Just went with the gut feeling and started with a square of 30 x 30 inches.
I just let me feelings flow. I am most satisfied when I go wild with a canvas…..I splash paint…play with various techniques and suddenly out of nowhere I began to see what I had in mind take form. This time I used colors which are very unconventional. A mistake ended up creating the main texture for the painting. And the pain of Karna almost seems real, reaching out to you from out of the canvas. Simple with few lines and just the subject matter enhanced with one main symbol I achieved what I had thought to be one of the main hurdles of this series. Phew!!
That being said I have still a few challenges ahead of me. I shall keep writing about them….as for what “Karna” looks like……keep following the blog!


Kaybeemm said...

Now u have got me all curious about ur Karna, cant wait to see the final presenation

elf_twinkletoes said...

Yes, curious about your Karna & the "unconventional" colours you've referred to... have fun giving shape to your ideas in colours of your choice :)