Monday, July 26, 2010

The Clock is Ticking

Yes and I can't seem to stop. The clock I mean. So my only other choice is keep on painting!!

I have been avidly researching on styles and various other artists and grand masters. While doing so I did find out that apart from me the other artist who has actually given our epic Mahabharata a place on his canvas is M.F. Husain. That does have a feel good aspect to it. :)

I have done the ever essential work of making media aware of the upcoming exhibition. However I mostly believe that its the work that will speak for itself. And while I also know the fact that most artists were not appreciated in their own time, today things have changed and we do expect an almost immediate result and appreciation of the work. However expectations aside my theme this time is a little more intense, as I am delving into the psyche's of some characters of an established Indian epic. I am even aware that I may draw some negative criticism for my handling of the theme. I am prepared for all of that. Then again good art should provoke some I am hoping for some of that too.

On the down side...due to the weather one of my oils which was drying on the wall, got knocked down by a strong gust of wind and is have to do some fixing work as well.

Just a couple of more canvases and I am done!! I cant wait to stand and see what the entire collection put together will look like in that gallery!!!

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Kaybeemm said...

I dont know what the reactions, opinions etc will the art world, & critics have when your work is exhibited, but i have seen you grow, from your first collection, & have seen how much your work has matured over the years. All I can say is you did a great journey so far Joy. And keep growing. All the best dear.