Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Name: Joyotee
Comment: I have a show comming up in July. I am very excited as this is my second solo show and I am looking forward to seeing what the arts community and collectors in general will have to say about this collection. I know I have grown in my work and I feel the difference compared to my last show. Techinically my knowledge has become more sound and my style is more devloped. My last show "Impressions" was an attempt to feel what I aspire to be doing creatively as an artist. I have found that ground and "Shakti" hence is more mature.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you talk about your art. Miss hearing this over emails.

Anonymous said...

You have really "Blossomed". As I go Through your website and your blog, makes me understand you more as a person, feel very proud of you.