Friday, April 11, 2008

My Inspiration

I often get inspired by the silliest things around me. Its funny but I seem to feel like the urge to get on a canvas and bring it all out when I am depressed or angry. Or so I thought. Lately however I am happy with the goings on in my life or atleast know how to deal with the problems that crop up and yet I am able to find that inspiration to paint. I used to think it impossible to paint without a negative emotion. I stand corrected!!

Happiness brings along with a postive frame of mind which helps me to tackle my canvas more confidentally. I love the fact that what I had in my minds eye is what I bring out on the canvas now!!

Ofcourse like any other human being I have my downs as well...but I find myself doing other mundane work and not approaching a canvas. To sum up I think currently my inspiration comes from the fact that I know that positive is healthy and good for all. Breath is life, but understanding the breath is knowledge....and I hope slowly but surely I am making it there.

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Oishee said...

does come across rather well- the mind's eye on the canvass, i think