Sunday, October 26, 2014


Peregrination has begun. It began the day we were born......yes this journey, this route to the unknown, the destination ....still evolving.
We have started our work, yes all our multi-layered, multi-technique, multi-textured, merging creative process has begun. In a sense it began when we met years ago in a gallery in 2008. Maya Bhalla, the artist I am proud to be collaborating with for Peregrination. Since then we kept in touch. 2011 rolled in, we started doing many a group shows together here in Singapore and overseas. A bonding over process, technique and thoughts evolved. So apparently different otherwise, we amazed ourselves, at how alike we could think. Yet we expressed it so differently, in our own technical abilities and sensibilities. It made perfect sense to collaborate.
Collaboration is something I have tried earlier. This one is different though, as the idea of this entire process was born together. A casual coffee and a sketch on the beach, a few other meetings and we started discussing and fantasizing creating this project that is now called, Peregrination.
A journey, which can be from the womb, to where we stand today, as adult individuals, part of a social scenario, observers, experiencing a collective psyche and yet, growing differently. We are all on our very own orbits, spinning on our own axis and making a collective memory in the process. A journey is that of an insect from the pupa to full grown form, of a foetus to a grown individual standing an experiencing an exhibition. A journey is that holiday we carry with a room full of memories, pasted now in frames on the wall. A journey whether metaphorical or physical in some way we carry with us always, physically or psychologically. A journey born and raised and educated in Mumbai, we find ourselves in Singapore making a space and carving a memory in the collective psyche of Singapore. We came with impressions and memories as baggage and we travel the world today as Singapore emblems. This morphing and blending and unpredictability of journeys has brought us here and even placed us beside each other to think and create. To symbolize this merging and coming together of our journeys we have a surprise for you on the opening night of the exhibition. Intrigued? Stay that way....... we will keep teasing you with information every now and again.
For some reading on Maya and her thought process do check out her blog.

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