Friday, January 17, 2014

All The World has been Staged at Art Stage

It is the Art fair of Fairs and it graces Singapore for the fourth time. Not to be mixed with other art shows that market themselves as inexpensive, Art Stage Singapore is about challenging the visual imagination. The galleries bring their best and the curators bring on their ultimate curatorial charm here.
While I am in the mood for applauding the art presented which was a treat to the senses(and yes tactile, visual, auditory, however you must have a taste, to let your imagination flow),  let me just give a big hand to the team for putting such a well presented art fair. The free tours and the guides who are not just well informed but it’s their passion for the arts that beams through in the talks.
It’s on today and tomorrow and I do suggest you take a season pass so you can go back again to complete what you cannot finish admiring in a day.
While as an artist I am always happy to be in a creative space, there of course are some that emerge as favourites. I was drawn to the work of Adam Neate presented by Elms Lesters Painting room. I had a chat with the gallery and it was a treat to be shown Adam’s early works and how the gallery actually found his work on the streets. Adam a self taught artist went through all the isms and movements, de-constructing the human body and mind in three dimensional art with his medium of cardboard and spray paints. This artist used to just leave his work on the road and his critics were the passer’s by. A Xmas gift, that Paul Jones, the gallery director received from his wife from e bay got them connected with Adam. They haven’t looked back since. Today they only carry Adam’s works. Neate, as we see him in his photographs looks calm his work brings out in inner turmoil of a thinking mind and of the time it lives in. This artist is only 35 and I am so glad he has been found by a gallery who believes in his work and growth and does not dictate on what he should create. His art work is mind boggling to say the least and he thinks in vivid colour. Here is to celebrating self taught artists and galleries who support them. Technique can be caught

but how to conceptualize and be original, I guess can never be taught or learnt.
 I do understand that, most of you reading this will be Indians and as such you are waiting to hear more about the art from the sub continent. Then not to be missed are Paresh Maity’s works as mentioned in the earlier article, presented by Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, India.
 Art Musings has its work curated by Bose Krishnamachari and some amazing sculptures presented along with photography art. Sanchit is back with Arun Ghose as the curator and they have come with huge beautiful canvases by Aplana Caur and Thota Vaikuntam amongst others. However if you are in for a treat and it’s very difficult to miss, is the Delhi Art Gallery with works of Raza, Souza, Tyeb Mehta, Ganesh Pyne, Anjoli Ila Menon, Sohan Qadri, George Keyt and M.F. Hussain to mention a few.
Below are some pictures that i have collected from the Art Stage. Do try to catch the Matisse Lithographs and Picasso’s. Please do go down and see it for yourself. Do wear comfortable shoes as your eyes and heart won’t tire but your feet will. Step out for coffee from the back at the tcc and rest your feet before you come back to get more for your soul. Mostly En Joy :D

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