Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Unfolds

2012 started with my representing Singapore with a grant that I received from Singapore International Foundation, for Aviskar East Meets West, at Gallery Gold, Kolkata, India. The opening was on the evening of the 6th of January. I flew in to Kolkata the night before. All day I could not get much rest and was waiting for the event to commence. On my way to the event I did happen to get stuck in traffic but still made it in time for opening.
I introduced myself to the other artists. It was fun to be part of an international show where you represent your country and get to say so proudly. More so, when they look at your country with a sense of admiration for not just adopting you, with open arms but also your creative pursuits. What can I say it made me feel very proud to be a Singaporean, bringing my art to the land that gave birth to me but coming from the land that is encouraging the artist in me.
The icing on the cake however was the surprise of winning the viewers choice award in Best Digital Painting. That was a fitting end to the evening. I did get to meet some of the featured Masters who were part of the show, and also got some expert tips from them as well.
For the remaining of the trip I worked with other local artists and we did shoot in some historic locations as well as some culturally significant places within and outside the perimeters of Kolkata. This has also given me some ideas for projects that I see myself working on for the year 2012. Very satisfied with some clicks and have put them up on the blog as well. Its been a great start and I hope to keep up the momentum. :D

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