Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maya- An Illusion

Maya - An Illusion
is all ready. The paintings are at least. There is work here and there that needs to be done. That probably will go on, till the evening of the opening. I have to try to chill amongst all this. Tomorrow's Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya follow up and Meditation should help in this process.

Wish some other personal matters would just resolve without me having to worry too much about them. This is life...we have to have our share of worries. So acceptance is the only way to move forward.

On a lighter note, I had an interview with 938 live and it was so much fun talking to Pamela Ho and Stanley about Maya - An Illusion. I am uploading the interview on the blog as well. If you friends see any listings of the exhibition anywhere please keep that copy for me. I am quite blur these things generally go unnoticed by me.

I hope I see all you friends at Maya. She is waiting to see your response to her Illusion. xxxxx


Kaybeemm said...

Now that you have completed all the paintings in Your series Maya, its time to sit back & relax, & look forward to the opening day. Wish you All The Best. I am sure the exhibition will be a hit. Wish I was there. As for personal day to day problems, they all have their lifespan, some get solved on their own, even before you know it, others need a little prodding, some just don't seem to budge. Just ignore them, and show them that in spite of their presence, you are still happy, and looking forward to life. I know you can do it, as your name itself is JOY.

Indrajit said...

1.5 days left...no pressure ;-)
Time to enjoy the reviews!

elf_twinkletoes said...

You are ready!!! Relax, let your canvases work their "Maya" on your audience (is that the right word?).

Regarding your personal ups and downs, remember "This too shall pass" - Sri Sri Ravishankar. Good or bad, when compared to the vastness of this cosmos, our joys and sorrows seem trivial and every experience teaches us how to deal with "life".

Now sit back and enjoy the reactions to your work... yes enjoy them and learn from them... M sure the showing will be GREAT! All the best :)