Monday, June 7, 2010

Maya: Unfolding

Maya : An Illusion, slowly is taking form from just being an illusion. Many of you have enquired what Maya is all about, so here I take to unfolding my Maya! Maya is about the characters of the Mahabharata! Whenever I have said it the immediate reaction is “vow”!! Is it because it is too big a topic…I don’t know!

On the other hand I cannot find myself doing only beautiful images to be put up in living rooms. Yes that element is necessary but at the same time as an artist I think it is also necessary to sometimes shock and ask questions through my art. Why Mahabharata some might ask. Well there is not a greater Indian form of literature that is so rich in characters and their situations. Their dilemmas and challenges were not of just that time. They could well be ours! In a sense they are timeless and we constantly find ourselves in those battle’s that they fought; yes battles of morality and ego, their power struggles were not just theirs. Time may have moved on but much of the strife in today’s world also stems from these same power struggles. Modes of battle and techniques have changed but basic nature of human beings has changed but little. Time and again thus I think it is necessary to evaluate these old texts of ours to learn and re-learn if we can undo some of their mistakes.
Maya : An illusion is an aim to study these characters in their real light…as human beings and not so much as demi Gods!
For more on Maya watch this space!


Oishee said...

Mahabharata is such a fertile topic. it has been explored by others in the past as well, though I think mostly in movies. the only time I have seen paintings in ref to it is in some of Raja Ravi Verma's works. Your Maya is simply beautiful. the eyes, the colours... very very nice! All the best!!

Oishee said...
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Kaybeemm said...

Maya.. Mahabharat... you have a huge canvas to explore, Maya or illusion, & the characters of Mahabharat, all soaked up in their respective egos, strength, weaknesses, emotions,all a play of Maya. Great! All the best!

elf_twinkletoes said...

MAHAbharat - the name itself is VAST... Mahabharat as you say, is truly relevant in every age and you've chosen for yourself a huge where you can explore the human psyche in its myriad moods - emotions, plots, drama etc. - everything that makes the human world what it is today.

All the best..

mrayc said...

Wow, what a wonderful topic. The Mahabharata is ripe with ideas you can explore and with your talent of expressing ideas on the canvas.... I cant wait to see this one.
I am a great fan of your work for a long time and here's wishing you all the very best

Sohini said...

Hey! I love the new work. You've picked a very rich scheme and given your flair and style I know that you'll express the characters and complexities just beautifully. Congratulations!