Monday, April 12, 2010

Meditation in Motion
Its been a while that I have written about my art! Energy remains to be explored...maybe for another time. For now I am happy just exploring themes for the forth coming exhibition. For a person who finds her energy through yoga and meditation I also realized that the reason I am happier when I paint is because Painting is "meditation in Motion". While giving form to the soul on the canvas you connect with your own soul. While doing so you block the material world submerging and uniting with the canvas. This helps dissolving the ego.
If an artist develops ego that is much later after the work of art has been cut loose and starts to live an existence on its own. By right by then the artist should not attach but detach themselves. However that is easier said than done. For now I am happy with my Meditation in Motion!!!!!!


Zurina Bryant said...

Here's to continuing exploration in doing one's work - or should I say, pleasure!

yadevinder said...

what an artist god is he put joyotee on his canvas Titled- EARTH.

I loved your work- goldie

Unknown said...

Thanx to both of you!!!