Saturday, May 24, 2008

Opening Nights

I have been attending a few opening nights....its a little tiring. You have to pretend very often to like and discuss works that you would have ordinarily just ignored. I hate pretending.

Have been meeting few interesting people and I like that. My art is about people and I like meeting different people from different walks of life.

I think an artist has to be cynical to get good art extracted and portrayed on a canvas. These opening nights do bring out the cynicism to the best. Its all about who knows who.

On a lighter note however I am looking forward to my own opening night as thats the time the artist chills has fun and lets others do the work of pulling out their cheque books. My last one was chilled out to the extent that I knew I had not done homework before planning the exhibtion. This time I hope I am doing it right.

More importantly if people appreciate the work genuinely you will know with the red dots by the end of the exhibition. So lets says CHEERS to a lot of red dots this time round!


Kaybeemm said...

wish you all the very best for your exhibition, wish I could be there too, yes if not this one, then the next and the next and the next .....

da's creations said...

Respected Joy,
first of all congralutions and best wishes for your second solo exhibition at art mosic gallery.though you are self tought artist its a god gift to you. the way which you have created figarative paintinga on women series titled "SHAKTI" means power.has got powerful expressions with vibrant colours along with creations on indian cultural and it seems your own created style and little bit it gives impression of semi-abstract figarative paintings like many kolkattal artist express in their paintings with very bold and simlplyfied forms means it seems to be you have got very bright future. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST AND GREAT SUCCESS IN FUTURE